Archive 47.

    Unlike some other sites, KMV has left up all the old pages. However, it was not practical to leave the old navigation system up.
So the links will be here for those who want or need them.

The old front page.
Old updates page. (no longer being updated)
The patented list of really good reasons for Vaughn to leave.
Commentary on a Vartan interview and the reactions to same. ("Curing Cancer")
Lengthy rebuttal to certain claims. (Page 47)
Death Predictor, is Love generator and Vaughn Wallpaper.
The old links list.
"Truth Takes Time" was a bit of a reveal of my intentions in creating the site. The link to TTT was originally hidden in the footer of each page, and very few visitors ever found it. It is openly linked now for a sense of completeness.

Am I missing a link? Let me know and I'll add the link. Everything else is still online as before so enjoy the nostalgia. :-)


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