Curing Cancer
    ET Online is currently reporting on an interview Michael Vartan did with ET's Kevin Frazier.

In the interview, Vartan clearly expresses his disdain for the rabid fans who are rallying around him. Vartan says they "don't realize it's just a TV show and we're not curing cancer."

It is fairly clear from the clip that Vartan is trying his darndest to be diplomatic. He clearly doesn't want to jump up and down and call a large number of his fans, "completely and utterly nuts!" As he says, the people who watch Alias are one of the big reasons he can pay his rent and go to the "Second Annual Hollywood Fantasy Football League draft" and so forth, so he doesn't want to be seen to be mean to them. But it is pretty clear nonetheless - he thinks those campaigning for him to be saved are being really stupid.

And now we descend into the depths of craziness:
Jenah said:
Saying that it was a "rumor" doesn't in fact say that it isn't true. It's just stating that as of right now - it is a rumor. He can't say more than that if in fact it is true.
If it WASN'T true - I bet he could say with more clarity that in fact it is false and he wasn't let go.
Oh, so because the rumour is just so obviously true, he's been forbidden by his contract to ABC/Bad Robot/the-evil-executives from commenting on it? Whereas if the rumour was false, that same contract would suddenly and magically change to allowing him to just blurt everything out?
Come on, be serious. Either he's under contract not to discuss that specific plotline, or he isn't. That doesn't change based on whether the rumour is true or not.

aphrodite says:
MV's manager (or pretty much anyone for that matter) would have no saying in this. Fans are free to do whatever they want. Nobody (except the people who started the campaign, obviously) would have the right to shut down the site.
The people who own some of the copyrighted material the site is using may have something to say about it.

Sasafrass452 said:
I think we deserve to know.
Guess what, genius? We do get to know!
In approximately one month, we can start finding out the story for the entire season of the show. In due course, the fate of Michael Vaughn will be revealed.
Dumbass. I mean, really, you want the entirety of the plot of the show revealed before it even airs? Give us a damn break.

Jenah said:
However the tightly written script and appeal of the story is what kept me glued to the screen. (snip) The hard parts were making the decisions once and for all to not support the show online [by taking down my sites] (snip) And I write this because I'm tired of people thinking that the Campaigners only watch the show for Vartan. Perhaps some do. But I haven't been one of them.
Oh, puh-LEASE.
The excellent writing is what you were watching the show for and yet now you're completely abandoning the show before even a single episode of the new season has aired, all because of something that is rumoured to be happening?
That puts you on a whole other level of stupid compared to the psychotic Vartan fans. At least they're being honest about their reason for not wanting to watch the show any more - they're only watching it for Vartan so if he leaves, they've no reason to watch.
If you're a fan of the writing then you'd give it a genuine chance to impress you, not quit before you've seen even a minute of the show. Especially when you don't know for a fact that anything you care about is going to be changing.

That last comment really goes out to all the people who claim they are fans of the show - if you truly are a fan of the show, and not just an actor who appears in it, then you will give it a chance in the new season to prove itself. You won't completely disregard all the hard work put in by the writers and other crew, you won't ignore all the effort that's gone into making the show fantastic for yet another season.
If you watch the first couple of episodes and decide it really has become something you don't want to watch, that is of course your decision. But to completely reject the show before it has even started airing again is so enormously absurd, it's hard to believe anyone is seriously going to do so.

Wake up to yourselves. "It's a TV show... and we're not curing cancer."

aprildancer said:
One character must die. Kill one. We don't care which one. That is stupid.
Were you dropped on your head as a child? Like, a whole bunch of times?
I hate to do this, but... Going by the same sources you are so blindly believing, you know full well that at least one other character, Eric Weiss (Greg Grunberg) is leaving. If you have ever disputed this so-called fact, I have never seen it.
Now you're bleating about a 'stupid' decision to kill a character, any character? Hello? Eric Weiss is a character! As he is "leaving", he could be killed off to satisfy the requirements of this 'stupid' decision.
Could it be that you've drawn a stupid conclusion based on stupid 'logic' and founded on a stupid rumour? How very stupid of you!

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