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This is a list of other websites visitors to "Kill Michael Vaughn" may (or may not) find interesting or useful.

MVCampaign - Take everything said there with a grain of salt (or a bucket of salt...) as some of the folks there are completely detached from reality. And those who aren't, have their criticisms summarily deleted. But if you were wondering why "Kill Michael Vaughn" exists, MVCampaign is the main reason. Someone needs to stand up to their campaign of disinformation and attempting to do so on the forums is a recipe for flamewars.

Sarkgasm - one of the few forums I've seen where posters haven't screamed to have the KMV link removed, or discussion of it squashed under the heavy hand of a moderator. Also the first 'proper' site to link to this site. And to top it all off, they're Sark fans!

Alias - Official Website. 'Nuff sed.
Kevin Weisman - Official site for the actor who plays Marshall Flinkman.
David Anders - Official site for the actor who plays Julian Sark.

If anyone knows of an official site for Michael Vartan please contact me using the email address at the foot of each page. Ditto on any other official sites. No "official" fanlistings, etc.

My other sites (not Alias related):
Heroes fansite - Kill the Nurse, save the 'verse!
MOSH - Australian Comedy Forum - Discussion forum for Australian comedy news and reviews and general tomfoolery.

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