"The List" - Why Michael Vartan Could/Should Leave
    As stated previously, there is a campaign gearing up in an effort to "Save Michael Vaughn", despite no one involved in the show confirming or denying the actor's exit from the show.
Further to the previous statement, the following points should also be considered:

Michael Vartan:
  • only has two base facial expressions - stoic and happy.
  • only has two deviations from those base expressions:
    • forehead crinkled
    • forehead not crinkled
  • Is no longer dating the lead actor (Jennifer Garner)
  • Has a somewhat successful movie career to fall back on
  • Is French. (Kind of.)

Michael Vaughn:
  • no longer serves a purpose in the show, since SD-6 was destroyed
  • conveniently picks up skills that are necessary for a mission, despite not having any training
  • is a bit of a pussy:
    • almost died of a minor stab wound inflicted by Sydney
    • loses to Sark in a fair fight - needs to cheat to win
    • loses to the much older Dixon even when only sparring
    • is scared of Jack and spends much time sucking up to him as a consequence
    • can't outrun a wall of water, even though Sydney managed it with ease
  • is a bit stupid:
    • almost drowned because he took too long to realise that Sydney running for her life was an indication he should do the same
    • couldn't manage to kill his wife who betrayed him, due to being followed and stabbed
    • did not realise his wife was betraying him in the first place
    • thinks lying to Sydney about his real name was a good idea for at least 4 years

Character is less important than:
  • Sydney Bristow:
    • Arguably the only reason the show exists - the show is primarily about her
    • Highly competent in the field
    • Has age and fitness advantage over Dixon and Jack, though gives a little in experience
    • Has few neutral relationships with characters of the show - either she works well with someone or despises them
    • Has been the primary focus of virtually every episode of the show while other characters have sometimes not even been on screen
    • Is prettier than Vaughn

  • Marcus Dixon:
    • Sydney's partner since before she became a double agent
    • Field rated since before Sydney joined SD-6
    • Is extremely and believably competent in a wide variety of roles
    • Wants to catch Sloane doing bad things so he can exact revenge for the death of his wife
    • The only permanent black character (Allison Doran, Ana Espinosa et al are merely recurring)
    • Is prettier than Vaughn

  • Marshall Flinkman:
    • Extremely talented in the technological department - indispensible
    • Has good working relationship with all other characters
    • Brings the funny more than any other three characters combined
    • Is prettier than Vaughn

  • Arvin Sloane:
    • Foremost of those attempting to assemble assorted Rambaldi works - an ongoing story arc over all four seasons
    • Has forgotten about, or killed, more underworld contacts than Vaughn has ever had
    • Is prettier than Vaughn
    • Evil.

  • Eric Weiss:
    • Platonic friend of Sydney - no awkward sex scenes
    • Is second to Marshall in bringing the funny to the show
    • Actor is childhood friend of J.J. Abrams - unlikely to be fired
    • Is prettier than Vaughn

  • Jack Bristow:
    • Sydney's Dad
    • Extremely competent, both with new and old school techniques
    • Confidant of Sloane, despite the years where Jack was betraying Arvin and SD-6
    • Can be ruthless when called upon
    • There's only room for one crinkly forehead in the show and Jack has seniority
    • Is prettier than Vaughn

Thanks to sodo for the "is prettier than" suggestion!

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