Truth takes time.
    If you've not already realised, this site is at least partly a parody/satire. It is not designed to be taken seriously as it is primarily just a dig at people such as those behind MV Campaign. The kind of self important, self indulgent garbage I've come to expect from "fans" who think their favourite show owes them something beyond what it owes the fanbase as a whole.
    A similar situation was observed when Michael Shanks decided he wanted to leave Stargate: SG-1. Save Daniel Jackson now claims to be "home of the successful Save Daniel Jackson campaign", as if the return of Shanks had anything to do with them, instead of him simply deciding he wanted to come back and work on the show.

    The situation with Vartan is absurd. The entire ruckus stems from one column by Kristin Veitch where she claims that a "main, integral character" is leaving Alias.
No names are mentioned.
The sex of the person is not mentioned.
It doesn't even say in what manner the person will be leaving - since it's Alias, it could be anything from the standard character death, to kidnapping, betrayal or just plain quitting the world of espionage.

    What seems to have the Vartan fans' panties in a bunch is the spiel about the actor leaving of their own accord - whilst they'll instantly, blindly believe this woman is correct in asserting someone is leaving, they're immensely skeptical when that same person tells them something else.
It doesn't add up!

    So I thought to myself that this would be as good a time as any to get in some practice at HTML/CSS/PHP and put together this little site, giving a bit of a ribbing to those froot loops already on the warpath before they even know who it is that is leaving.

    Get over it, guys. You'll find out soon enough and if you give the show a genuine chance, you may just like whatever happens. Give the show and it's writers some credit, instead of arrogantly assuming you know what is best for the show. It's their baby, after all. People who watch Alias purely to drool at Vartan are an extremely small minority, even if you're an extremely vocal one.
Don't try and destroy the show for truly petty reasons.

- Mythor
Truth takes time.

P.S. Feel free to sign the guestbook and let us know how you found the site! ... but let people discover 'the truth' on their own. ;-)

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