Final Wrap.
    This will likely be the final update to the site.

For those who haven't been here before, this site was created as a counter to the various "Save Michael Vaughn" campaign websites that sprang up around the web prior to the start of Season 5 of Alias.
None of those websites made the slightest bit of difference! For those who have yet to see the final season - such as Aussies - watch it and judge for yourself, don't read the rest of this site... yet. ;)

If you'd like to go ahead and read all the crazy fun stuff contained on this site, you can click here to start reading from the penultimate update to the site, after most everything was said and done.

If you haven't seen the final season because it hasn't aired wherever you are, or you missed episodes, or you just really love the show, has all 5 seasons of the show available to buy, as well as a fancy pants collector's box with all 5 seasons of the show! See below for links to all 5 seasons, plus the box set.

Signing out for probably the last time,
Mythor - KMV Webmaster.

P.S. I can still be contacted via the email address at the bottom of each page, should anyone out there still want to do so!

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